Music, great music, reminds us of a time, a place. . . an experience. Picture yourself at the center of one of the most exciting times ever! While the world was swirling with long overdue social and political change, we found ourselves “sitting in”, and “turning on”, on our way to “free love”. The freedom of expression was everywhere, but nowhere as much as in the music scene where the soundtrack to a decade was being created, one guitar chord, one saxophone riff, and one snare drum crack at a time. Some lived through it, some heard about it, and others have only read about. Sadly, the past is past. 

Or is it. . . what if, just what if a “MACHINE” existed that could toss you back in time into the heart of a sweat drenched club while a big, marvelous, magnificent, big (Did I say big?) I meant BIG as in a BIG BAND ripped through a catalogue of 1960’s classic jazz, pop and rock unlike anything that has been heard since 1969! 

This magical, musical, vacation for the soul where everything’s cool; is the place where you and your posse (yes that term is actually from the 60’s) can be totally free for a night. Let your hair down, shine your go-go boots up, pull your bell bottoms on, make bottles pop, and lay down a memory to last a lifetime, or until the next time “THE BUDDY RICH BIG BAND MACHINE” rips through your town. 

Yeah, you heard that right, in this scene the impossible becomes possible because Buddy’s back in town! Come witness the heart, spirit, humor and rage that lived in between every beat of his magical performances. This mega-legend lives on in a jaw-dropping, high energy show, with a fifteen-piece orchestra made up of Buddy’s BIG BAND MACHINE alumni, all the while featuring Cathy Rich (yeah pal as in Buddy Rich’s kid, and trust me the apple did not fall far from the tree) as your guide through all that’s 60”s cool, while dropping vocals on you as smooth as “black label scotch’. Oh, and talk about bad ass drummers; we got you covered (drum roll please ) with Emmy Award winning, wicked as a mother-f***er Gregg Potter beating everything within arms’ reach in a blur of precision and sweat! 

So “turn on” “drop in” and get ready for one groovy experience with THE BUDDY RICH BIG BAND MACHINE!